OSIBOT II – Research Duck

The costs associated with oceanic research can be daunting!

Gathering crucial data for effective surveillance of our world’s oceans can often surpass budgetary capacities, placing it beyond the grasp of most ocean researchers.

Enter Osibot Duck, our most compact Ocean Rated Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV)

Despite its diminutive size of just 1.2 meters, it’s engineered with the durability to brave the harsh conditions that come with conducting research in the world’s vast oceans. Designed for extended missions that span across months, Osibot Duck harnesses the power of the sun, operating entirely on solar energy. It can be controlled and relay data in real-time using the innovative Starlink Swarm IOT satellite communications network.

We’re committed to making ocean research open-source, affordable, and reliable, to enable exploration of all oceans and promote a better understanding of our marine ecosystems.


Length:      1200 mm
Width:        560 mm
Weight:      90 kg

Speed:        1-3 knots
Range:        Unlimited
Duration:    Unlimited

CPU:            Rpi Zero W
Cam A:        Topside 4K
Cam B:        Underwater 4K

Solar:          60 w
Batt A:        12V 30AH
Batt B:        12V 30AH

Autopilot:   Pixhawk Mini
Comm A:    4G + Starlink
Comm B:    Spot Trace

Steering:   Rudder Servo
Weather:   Cat 5 Cyclone
Depth:       90 M

Osibot Duck is an open-source project.


We welcome your contributions to this project:

GitHub – Osibot Duck