Composed of a diverse and dynamic team from across the globe, we share a unified passion for making a tangible difference in the world. Our focus lies in crafting revolutionary open-source tools to propel scientific research and global conservation efforts forward.

By seamlessly merging various cultural insights and unique experiences, we design cutting-edge solutions that facilitate collaboration, accelerate discoveries, and promote the accessibility of data. Our commitment extends beyond science to the realm of conservation, with our solutions designed to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable practices.

We are steadfast in our mission to leverage technology as a beacon of hope, fostering scientific growth, safeguarding biodiversity, and ensuring a flourishing world for generations to come.

Adam Cropp
    Norman Griffett
    Marine Engineer
    Jeff Deuchler
    CAD Engineer
    James Atkinson
    Logistical Support
    Pavel Babov
    Satellite Engineer
    Albert Jindra
    Software Engineer

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