Promoting widespread adoption of cheap open-source robotic technology for science and education.

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We are a passionate team of people who are designing and building open source robots to assist in scientific research and conservation efforts around the world. Join us today

Our Robots

Our robots are cheap, open-source, powered by renewables and can operate fully autonomously in the harshest conditions for long-duration missions.

Our Mission

Develop cheap open-source robotic technology to assist our partners in acquiring high-quality scientific data and delivering inspiring science communication.

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Control our underwater robots directly from your web browser and explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef today!

Our robots are solar-powered and have sonar obstacle avoidance, ensuring you enjoy an eco-friendly experience.

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Mesh Autonomous Photography Drones

It is incredibly important to survey coral reefs regularly to document any changes to this critical ecosystem and to ground-truth satellite observations.

Our autonomous mapping robots can individually scan over a hectare of area per day, taking over 4000 images and creating high-quality orthomosaic images of a single site of interest.

Our robots are also designed to be operated in a large fleet, allowing a single operator to control multiple robots enabling the complete scan of an entire reef in a single day.

  • Easy To Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Open Source Technology


FUNDING: Prototype Development (Required)

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A large-scale project over ten years to connect scientists to the Great Barrier Reef via a series of underwater robot hubs extending from the reef lagoon to one thousand meters.

Scientists will be able to make scientific observations and collect data remotely in real-time by connecting their own experiments to an underwater hub. This will provide a cost-effective solution, leveraging new technology, to better study the GBR and the continental shelf.

Based on a similar project currently being operated in the United States by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute – Monterey Accelerated Research System.

  • Revolutionise Marine Science Data Collection
  • Cost Effective
  • Open Source Technology

STATUS: Planning

FUNDING: Feasibility Study (Required)

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