Teleportal Private Session

Teleportal Private Session



Book a private session to control one of our underwater robots on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Jump the queue and get complete access to one of our robots at a time and date that works best for you and your team.

Great for educational and corporate clients wanting to bring the coral reef directly to their students or teams.

Includes free technical support at the start of your session to ensure a stress-free experience.


Optional Extras:

  • Teleportal Gift Cards (Normal Sessions) – Great for training, prizes, value add, etc
  • Marine Biology Commentary (30 min) – Learn more about the underwater creatures you discover.
  • Technical Commentary (30 min) – Learn more about the engineering and science behind Teleportal.
  • Video Recording – Download a high-quality recording of your private session.


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*Please note all times are AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time, GMT+10)